A Platform Stair Lift – What is it and Who Would Benefit From It?

A platform stair lift or, perch lift, is a type of stair lift that will transport a person from one level of their home to another. It is not much different than the traditional stairlift but instead the passenger stands on a moving platform instead of sitting in a moving chair aluminium stair nosing.

In place of the seat is a platform, plate, or pad to stand on and a handle to hold on to. The passenger steps on the platforms tread and someone (either the passenger or a care giver) toggles the control to move the person to the next level.

Some standing lifts can accommodate both standing and sitting passengers. Just a couple of twists or quick connecting of parts to provide a platform and handle will transform the machine from a sitting mode to standing.

Why choose one over the other

It may be that the person needing the lift has a hard time sitting or standing up or both. The effort for them may be greater and while able to balance with little assistance may easier for them to just to step on and go. Or it could just be that they would prefer just to stand especially for such a short journey. Ultimately their physician can help make the final decision of a standing stair lift is a good alternative or not.

Where to install

Installation of a platformlift is the same as for a regular stair lift. You can mount them to a straight run of stairs (meaning no turns at all) or on a curved run. Either type of stairway will have a specific solution and the straight type will be the most common type available. It may be possible to install on your own, but many manufacturers recommend that you have a professional perform the installation.

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