About Kombucha Tea

If you want to know about Kombucha tea, you will find his article of interest. For the most part, Kombucha has been brewed at home for literally thousands of years turmeric kombucha.

The first documents about Kombucha date back to 250 BC in Chinese documents. Now, this in itself does not make Kombucha unique, except for the fact that the Kombucha Culture or Kombucha Mushroom that is required to brew Kombucha is actually a living organism.

If you take a moment and think about that point itself, Kombucha is an amazing thing. This living organisim has been cared for, shared and brewed for thousands of years! I think this is one of the most interesting things about Kombucha Tea. It was carried on foot, horseback, or whatever means it took to share this special Kombucha Tea with others.

So why would people go to so much trouble to continue the brewing of Kombucha and share it with others? Well, history tells us that the Chinese revered this tea as the elixir of youth, and it was said to heal most of what ails you from the inside. There are no studies or clinical trials that have taken place to support Kombucha teas healing abilities, but those who drink the tea daily swear by it. Increased energy, curing disease, easing pain, and over all well being are reported by thousands of people.

This point amazes me too, because the first time I tried Kombucha, I could actually feel my whole body tingle, like the tea as surging through me!

This prized beverage is now brewed commercially by a few brewers in North America and can be found on the shelves of specialty stores as well organic grocers. Many people drink Kombucha tea purchased in stores and are not aware of it’s history, or home brewing ability.